Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Project 1:

THis is my big project now. Everything is cut out. Just need to sew it together. ps This is only part of it obviously.
THis piece has my chemise with it two. I made this outfit 2 and a half years ago and I am going to make a few small changes to it. The gold you see as the underskirt actually is being made for the blue unfinished dress at the top. but what is cool is I can interchange it with this one now. So this dress will have two alternate underskirts, red and gold.
This is my chemise with the scottish outfit that I have made for the easter Rendezvous. I cut out a bodice last year to go with it but I need to find it still. So picture a dark green bodice with it.
This is my chemise with the shell for my farthingale(hoop skirt) I just need to buy the steel hoop rings and I can only get them online.
So I just finished this chemise that will be the bottom layer for
most of my dresses.

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