Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New Project: Pride and Prejudice Dress

The Foresleeves

This is the foresleeve. I am so excited that it turned out on the first try. I tend to get a little nervous if I only have nap time and I want to complete a project. It was actually easier than I thought.

So here is how it sits under the sleeve, it just ties up inside and my chemise will peek thru. way cute.

So as you can see I have also sewn the overskirt to the bodice. It can get tricky and well the material in the back were I hand gathered it is too bulky and I am not sure how I am going to fix that but anyway. So you see how the foresleeve matches the underskirt panel. Cool huh. but I have a question to all "the forsleeve is finished with binding and one picture i have has a black binding on the gold foresleeve and it does look stunning, so should I do black or gold or dark blue or Cream?" I would love advice. And let me know how it looks to you.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Layers...and that's just the top

the many bones corset!

2 layers

3 layers

4 layers

the "not all the layers yet" sleeves

Thursday, March 25, 2010

The Renaissance Corset

This will be the corset to go under both the Red gown and the Blue gown. I am making it from Designer fabric samples that my good friend Amanda's Mom gave me. It is awesome I have two garbage bags and two boxes full to make other wonder creations. Even some leather that I have some cool plans for.
The Corset will have a lot of boning to make it very stiff. i think it called for 15 and 1/2 yards of boning that will be inserted between the lining and this outside fabric. Currently I am also working on the overskirt that will be sewn to the blue bodice top but I have to hand gather it still.

Blue Renaissance dress continued

So I am making the Bodice a separate entity from the sleeves and this will allow me to make sets of different types of sleeves that I can change. This is often what they did in the renaissance period in order to make a quick inexpensive change to a gown, was to make interchangeable pieces. the under skirt will be interchangeable to, to add a different contrast to the center of the dress. Also the white collar is a separate piece as well so i can change it to a ruffle partingale or nothing at all.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Project 1:

THis is my big project now. Everything is cut out. Just need to sew it together. ps This is only part of it obviously.
THis piece has my chemise with it two. I made this outfit 2 and a half years ago and I am going to make a few small changes to it. The gold you see as the underskirt actually is being made for the blue unfinished dress at the top. but what is cool is I can interchange it with this one now. So this dress will have two alternate underskirts, red and gold.
This is my chemise with the scottish outfit that I have made for the easter Rendezvous. I cut out a bodice last year to go with it but I need to find it still. So picture a dark green bodice with it.
This is my chemise with the shell for my farthingale(hoop skirt) I just need to buy the steel hoop rings and I can only get them online.
So I just finished this chemise that will be the bottom layer for
most of my dresses.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Beginning...

So I am not new to the sewing and crafting world or the blogging but I wanted a way to track and get input on the things I am working on and want to learn. As I have grown older I have discovered my need to be creative seems to be coming out my ears. I love making something new, paying not a lot for materials and then displaying it. My favorite is costuming. I don't know what is about making a big beautiful dress that gets me so giddy and excited but holy cow it is great. My husband says whenever I start a new big project it is like I disappear from all normal society and neglect my wife and motherly duties. So to get it out of the way now "I am so sorry the material made me do it." I love you honey and you are the best for supporting me in this endeavor the best way you know how. to my kids I hope you learn to sleep through the sewing machine. I love you and I am... sometimes... doing it for you. So here goes...