Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Foresleeves

This is the foresleeve. I am so excited that it turned out on the first try. I tend to get a little nervous if I only have nap time and I want to complete a project. It was actually easier than I thought.

So here is how it sits under the sleeve, it just ties up inside and my chemise will peek thru. way cute.

So as you can see I have also sewn the overskirt to the bodice. It can get tricky and well the material in the back were I hand gathered it is too bulky and I am not sure how I am going to fix that but anyway. So you see how the foresleeve matches the underskirt panel. Cool huh. but I have a question to all "the forsleeve is finished with binding and one picture i have has a black binding on the gold foresleeve and it does look stunning, so should I do black or gold or dark blue or Cream?" I would love advice. And let me know how it looks to you.

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